Help - FAQ

What is Amesos?

Amesos is the direct sparse solver package in Trilinos. Amesos provides interfaces to a number of third party sparse direct solvers allowing the user to switch easily between different third party packages. Top

What's significant about the name 'Amesos'?

Amesos is a Greek term meaning direct. Top

What platforms does Amesos run on?

Amesos runs on a wide variety of platforms. It has been tested on
  • Linux (GNU and Intel compilers, serial and MPI)
  • Solaris
  • SGI 64
  • Mac OS X
  • Sandia's ASCI Red, CPLANT
  • CRAY XT3

How can I get started with Amesos?

Adding --enable-amesos to your configure invocation line will build a rudimentary Amesos with support for the Amesos_Klu class. The installation link under Quick links or the Documentation (development branch) link on the sidebar provides more complete installation instructions.

How can I try Amesos on my favorite matrix?

After installing Amesos, take a look at amesos/example/example_AmesosFactory_HB.exe in your build tree. You can easily modify the source code of this example to load your favorite matrix in Harwell-Boeing format. Please refer to the comments in the code for more details.

Alternatively, consider running Test_Basic/amesos_test.exe, which accepts matrices in several formats.

What if most tests fail in an MPI environment?

If "a_trivial_mpi_test" fails, or if a large number of tests fail, there could be a problem with the underlying mpi system. Try running "lamboot" and re-running the tests.


Can I get involved in the development of Amesos?

Contact Ken Stanley or Mike Heroux.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Questions not answered by the information provided on the website should be directed to Lead Developer, the Amesos Leader. Top