SuperLU Installation

NOTE: These intructions were updated in September 2005. They may not be kept up-to-date. Refer to the SuperLU documentation for more recent and more complete instructions.

SuperLU must be installed before Amesos_Superlu can be used. Follow these steps to install SuperLU on your system:

  • Obtain the distribution from Xiaoye Li's SuperLU web site by clicking on the download link in the "SuperLU Version 3.0" (or more recent) section.
  • Untar the SuperLU code in your Trilinos3PL directory.
  • Build SuperLU
    • Follow the intructions in README (edit, 'make lib'), ignoring the section on MATLAB
    • Note:Trilinos3PL/config/SuperLU contains the files that I used.
  • Run an example:
    • Follow the instructions in EXAMPLE/README:
      • cd EXAMPLE
      • make dlinsol
      • dlinsol < g10
    • Expected output:
      10x10 grid, with COLMMD order
      Dimension 100x100; # nonzeros 460
      ||X - Xtrue||/||X|| = 8.260059e-14
      No of nonzeros in factor L = 835
      No of nonzeros in factor U = 978
      No of nonzeros in L+U = 1713
      L\U MB 0.020    total MB needed 0.040   expansions 0
      Factor time  =     0.00
      Solve time   =     0.00
  • Update your configure invocation script by, for example, adding the following:
    • --enable-amesos-superlu
    • --with-libs="-L/home/username/Trilinos3PL/SuperLU -lsuperlu" or --with-libs="/home/username/Trilinos3PL/SuperLU/libsuperlu.a"
    • --with-incdirs="-I/home/username/Trilinos3PL/SuperLU/SRC"