About - Team

Amesos development is done by the following people:

Ken Stanley

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Amesos Lead Developer
Ken is presently involved with every aspect of Amesos development including porting and evaluating third party codes; designing and implementing the Amesos classes which provide interfaces to the underlying third party codes; configuration issues; porting; testing; bug fixes; and support.

Mike Heroux

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Amesos Epetra Support
Mike designed and implemented epetra classes needed to support Amesos.

Marzio Sala

(marzio.sala at gmail.com)
Marzio introduced the support for Teuchos::ParameterList and Epetra_RowMatrix and Epetra_VbrMatrix. He is the author of the Amesos reference guide (Sandia report SAND-2004-4820). Marzio rewrote Amesos_Mumps to provide access to essentially every feature in MUMPS. He wrote the TAUCS and PARDISO interface, and is the author of the most of the examples provided within Amesos.

Robert Hoekstra

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Amesos Epetra Support and Alpha tester
Rob designed and implemented epetra classes needed to support Amesos and has been the prime guinea pig on the project, finding, reporting and fixing many first-time use bugs.