Welcome to the Amesos2 Home

Amesos2 is a package for solving sparse linear systems using direct solvers. It differs from Amesos in that it is templated on the scalar and index types. KLU2 is the only native solver. All other solvers must be installed as third-party libraries. Currently, Amesos2 supports:

  • SuperLU
  • SuperLU-MT
  • SuperLU-Dist

Note that Amesos2 can only support scalar types that are supported by the desired third-party package (typically, float, double, complex, and double complex).


If you use Amesos2 in your applications, please cite Amesos2 using the following publication:
  • Amesos2 and Belos: Direct and iterative solvers for large sparse linear systems, Eric Bavier, Mark Hoemmen, Sivasankaran Rajamanickam, Heidi Thornquist, Scientific Programming, 2012, Volume 20, Issue 3.