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Epetra_Comm Scan Sum function. More...

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subroutine ScanSum_long (this, MyVals, scan_sums, err)

Detailed Description

Epetra_Comm Scan Sum function.

Take list of input values from all processors in the communicator, computes the scan sum and returns it to all processors such that processor i contains the sum of values from processor 0 up to and including processor i. Implemented in Epetra_MpiComm, and Epetra_SerialComm.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

subroutine FEpetra_Comm::ScanSum_long::ScanSum_long ( class(Epetra_Comm),intent(in)  this,
integer(c_long),dimension(:),intent(in)  MyVals,
integer(c_long),dimension(:),intent(inout)  scan_sums,
type(error),intent(inout),optional  err 
thisPolymorphic type Epetra_Comm communicator containing processors information
MyValsIn On entry, contains the list of values to be summed across all processors.
scan_sumsOut On exit, contains the list of values summed across processors 0 through i.
errReturns error information.

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