Amesos2 - Direct Sparse Solver Interfaces Version of the Day
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Amesos2::AbstractConcreteMatrixAdapter< Abstract, Matrix >
Amesos2::AbstractConcreteMatrixAdapter< Epetra_RowMatrix, DerivedMat >Amesos2::MatrixAdapter definitions for objects deriving from Epetra_RowMatrix
Amesos2::AbstractConcreteMatrixAdapter< Tpetra::RowMatrix< Scalar, LocalOrdinal, GlobalOrdinal, Node >, DerivedMat >Amesos2::MatrixAdapter definitions for objects deriving from Tpetra::RowMatrix
Amesos2::Cholmod< Matrix, Vector >Amesos2 interface to the SuperLU package
Amesos2::col_accessIndicates that the object of an adapter provides column access to its data
Amesos2::ConcreteMatrixAdapter< Epetra_CrsMatrix >MatrixAdapter definitions for Epetra_CrsMatrix objects
Amesos2::ConcreteMatrixAdapter< Tpetra::CrsMatrix< Scalar, LocalOrdinal, GlobalOrdinal, Node, LocalMatOps > >MatrixAdapter definitions for Tpetra::CrsMatrix objects
Amesos2::FunctionMap< ConcreteSolver, Scalar >Passes functions to TPL functions based on type
Amesos2::FunctionMap< PardisoMKL, PMKL::_INTEGER_t >
Amesos2::Util::get_1d_copy_helper< MV, S >Helper class for getting 1-D copies of multivectors
Amesos2::Util::get_ccs_helper< Matrix, S, GO, GS >A generic helper class for getting a CCS representation of a Matrix
Amesos2::Util::get_crs_helper< Matrix, S, GO, GS >Similar to get_ccs_helper , but used to get a CRS representation of the given matrix
Amesos2::Util::get_cxs_helper< Matrix, S, GO, GS, Op >A generic base class for the CRS and CCS helpers
Amesos2::handle_solver_type_support< ConcreteSolver, Matrix, Vector >
Amesos2::has_special_implIndicates that the concrete class has a special implementation that should be called
Amesos2::Lapack< Matrix, Vector >Amesos2 interface to the LAPACK
Amesos2::MatrixAdapter< Matrix >A Matrix adapter interface for Amesos2
Amesos2::MatrixHelper< ConcreteSolver >Convert Matrices and MultiVectors into the appropriate format for a third-party solver
Amesos2::MultiVecAdapter< MV >A templated MultiVector class adapter for Amesos2
Amesos2::MultiVecAdapter< Epetra_MultiVector >Amesos2 adapter for the Epetra_MultiVector class
Amesos2::MultiVecAdapter< Tpetra::MultiVector< Scalar, LocalOrdinal, GlobalOrdinal, Node > >Amesos2 adapter for the Tpetra::MultiVector class
Amesos2::no_special_implIndicates that the concrete class can use the generic getC{c|r}s methods implemented in MatrixAdapter
Amesos2::PardisoMKL< Matrix, Vector >Amesos2 interface to the PardisoMKL package
Amesos2::Util::put_1d_data_helper< MV, S >Helper class for putting 1-D data arrays into multivectors
Amesos2::row_accessIndicates that the object of an adapter provides row access to its data
Amesos2::Solver< Matrix, Vector >Interface to Amesos2 solver objects
Amesos2::solver_supports_scalar< ConcreteSolver, Scalar >Check whether a solver supports a scalar type
Amesos2::solver_traits< ConcreteSolver >Provides traits about solvers
Amesos2::SolverCore< ConcreteSolver, Matrix, Vector >Amesos2::SolverCore: A templated interface for interaction with third-party direct sparse solvers
Amesos2::StatusHolds internal status data about the owning Amesos2 solver
Amesos2::Superlu< Matrix, Vector >Amesos2 interface to the SuperLU package
Amesos2::Superludist< Matrix, Vector >Amesos2 interface to the distributed memory version of SuperLU
Amesos2::Superlumt< Matrix, Vector >Amesos2 interface to the Multi-threaded version of SuperLU
Amesos2::throw_no_scalar_support_exception< ConcreteSolver, Matrix, Vector >
Amesos2::TypeMap< ConcreteSolver, Scalar >Map types to solver-specific data-types and enums