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context Struct Reference
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int * iu
int * iflag
int * ha
int * ipvt
int * dblock
int * space_holder
int extra_fact_nz_per_row
int N_large_int_arrays
int N_large_dbl_arrays
int N_nz_factors
int N_nz_matrix
int N_blk_rows
int max_row
double * pivot
struct AZ_MATRIX_STRUCTA_overlapped
struct aztec_choicesaztec_choices
double * x_pad
double * ext_vals
double * x_reord
int * padded_data_org
int * map
int * ordering
int * inv_ordering
int N
int N_unpadded
int N_nz
int N_nz_allocated
char * tag
int * proc_config
int Pmat_computed
void * precon

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