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snl_fei::MapTraits< MAP_TYPE > Struct Template Reference

#include <snl_fei_MapTraits.hpp>

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Static Public Member Functions

static MAP_TYPE::iterator lower_bound (MAP_TYPE &map_obj, typename MAP_TYPE::key_type item)
static void insert (MAP_TYPE &map_obj, typename MAP_TYPE::iterator &pos, typename MAP_TYPE::value_type &val)

Detailed Description

template<typename MAP_TYPE>
struct snl_fei::MapTraits< MAP_TYPE >

Define map traits. For now, only a trait for map.lower_bound and map.insert. Generally we simply call the corresponding methods on std::map, but these traits will be specialized for map classes that may not always have directly equivalent methods (such as hash_map, etc.). (hash_map doesn't have lower_bound, and hash_map's insert doesn't allow the use of an iterator argument to hint where the object should be inserted.)

Definition at line 23 of file snl_fei_MapTraits.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename MAP_TYPE >
static MAP_TYPE::iterator snl_fei::MapTraits< MAP_TYPE >::lower_bound ( MAP_TYPE &  map_obj,
typename MAP_TYPE::key_type  item 
) [inline, static]


Definition at line 26 of file snl_fei_MapTraits.hpp.

template<typename MAP_TYPE >
static void snl_fei::MapTraits< MAP_TYPE >::insert ( MAP_TYPE &  map_obj,
typename MAP_TYPE::iterator &  pos,
typename MAP_TYPE::value_type &  val 
) [inline, static]

insert a value using iterator for position hint

Definition at line 31 of file snl_fei_MapTraits.hpp.

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