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Ifpack_DiagonalFilter Class Reference

Ifpack_DiagonalFilter: Filter to modify the diagonal entries of a given Epetra_RowMatrix. More...

#include <Ifpack_DiagonalFilter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Ifpack_DiagonalFilter (const Teuchos::RefCountPtr< Epetra_RowMatrix > &Matrix, double AbsoluteThreshold, double RelativeThreshold)
virtual ~Ifpack_DiagonalFilter ()
virtual int NumMyRowEntries (int MyRow, int &NumEntries) const
 Returns the number of entries in MyRow.
virtual int MaxNumEntries () const
 Returns the maximum number of entries.
virtual int ExtractMyRowCopy (int MyRow, int Length, int &NumEntries, double *Values, int *Indices) const
virtual int ExtractDiagonalCopy (Epetra_Vector &Diagonal) const
virtual int Multiply (bool TransA, const Epetra_MultiVector &X, Epetra_MultiVector &Y) const
virtual int Solve (bool Upper, bool Trans, bool UnitDiagonal, const Epetra_MultiVector &X, Epetra_MultiVector &Y) const
virtual int Apply (const Epetra_MultiVector &X, Epetra_MultiVector &Y) const
virtual int ApplyInverse (const Epetra_MultiVector &X, Epetra_MultiVector &Y) const
virtual int InvRowSums (Epetra_Vector &x) const
virtual int LeftScale (const Epetra_Vector &x)
virtual int InvColSums (Epetra_Vector &x) const
virtual int RightScale (const Epetra_Vector &x)
virtual bool Filled () const
virtual double NormInf () const
 Not implemented for efficiency reasons.
virtual double NormOne () const
 Not implemented for efficiency reasons.
virtual int NumGlobalNonzeros () const
virtual int NumGlobalRows () const
virtual int NumGlobalCols () const
virtual int NumGlobalDiagonals () const
virtual long long NumGlobalNonzeros64 () const
virtual long long NumGlobalRows64 () const
virtual long long NumGlobalCols64 () const
virtual long long NumGlobalDiagonals64 () const
virtual int NumMyNonzeros () const
virtual int NumMyRows () const
virtual int NumMyCols () const
virtual int NumMyDiagonals () const
virtual bool LowerTriangular () const
virtual bool UpperTriangular () const
virtual const Epetra_MapRowMatrixRowMap () const
virtual const Epetra_MapRowMatrixColMap () const
virtual const Epetra_ImportRowMatrixImporter () const
int SetUseTranspose (bool UseTranspose_in)
bool UseTranspose () const
bool HasNormInf () const
 Not implemented for efficiency reasons.
const Epetra_CommComm () const
const Epetra_MapOperatorDomainMap () const
const Epetra_MapOperatorRangeMap () const
const Epetra_BlockMapMap () const
const char * Label () const

Detailed Description

Ifpack_DiagonalFilter: Filter to modify the diagonal entries of a given Epetra_RowMatrix.

Ifpack_DiagonalFilter modifies the elements on the diagonal.

A typical use is as follows:

Teuchos::RefCountPtr<Epetra_RowMatrix> A;
// creates a matrix B such that
// B(i,i) = AbsoluteThreshold * sgn(B(i,i)) + 
//          RelativeThreshold * B(i,i)
double AbsoluteThreshold = 1e-3;
double RelativeThreshold = 1.01;

Ifpack_DiagonalFilter B(A, AbsoluteThreshold, RelativeThreshold);
Marzio Sala, SNL 9214.

Last modified on 24-Jan-05.

Definition at line 80 of file Ifpack_DiagonalFilter.h.

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