Kokkos Node API and Local Linear Algebra Kernels Version of the Day
Kokkos::CUSPARSECrsGraph< Node > Member List
This is the complete list of members for Kokkos::CUSPARSECrsGraph< Node >, including all inherited members.
CrsGraphBase(intnumRows, intnumCols, const RCP< Node > &node, const RCP< ParameterList > &params)Kokkos::CrsGraphBase< int, Node >
getNumCols() constKokkos::CrsGraphBase< int, Node >
getNumRows() constKokkos::CrsGraphBase< int, Node >
setStructure(const ArrayRCP< const size_t > &ptrs, const ArrayRCP< const int > &inds)Kokkos::CUSPARSECrsGraph< Node > [virtual]
~CrsGraphBase()Kokkos::CrsGraphBase< int, Node > [virtual]
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