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TSQR::TBB::RevealRankTask< LocalOrdinal, Scalar > Class Template Reference

TBB task for recursive TSQR "rank-revealing" phase. More...

#include <TbbTsqr_RevealRankTask.hpp>

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template<class LocalOrdinal, class Scalar>
class TSQR::TBB::RevealRankTask< LocalOrdinal, Scalar >

TBB task for recursive TSQR "rank-revealing" phase.

This part of the factorization doesn't actually reveal the rank in parallel; we assume that this has already been done and the columns of U form a basis for the column space of the R factor (in the QR factorization of the original matrix). All we need to do here is compute Q*U in parallel, respecting the original partitioning and cache blocking scheme.

Definition at line 65 of file TbbTsqr_RevealRankTask.hpp.

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