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TSQR::Test::FullTsqrVerifierCallerImpl< TypeListType > Class Template Reference

This class implements a "function template specialization.". More...

#include <Tsqr_FullTsqrTest.hpp>

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template<class TypeListType>
class TSQR::Test::FullTsqrVerifierCallerImpl< TypeListType >

This class implements a "function template specialization.".

Mark Hoemmen

We want to make FullTsqrVerifierCaller::run() a template function, with a partial specialization for Cons<CarType, CdrType> and a full specialization for NullType. However, function templates can't have partial specializations, at least not in the version of the C++ standard currently supported by Trilinos. Thus, I've taken the advice of Herb Sutter (C/C++ Users Journal, 19(7), July 2001), which can be read online here:


Namely, I've implemented the function template via a class template. This class is an implementation detail and not meant to be used anywhere else other than in FullTsqrVerifierCaller::run().

Definition at line 537 of file Tsqr_FullTsqrTest.hpp.

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