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MLAPI_MultiVector_Utils.h File Reference

Utilities for MultiVector's. More...

#include "MLAPI_Error.h"
#include "MLAPI_MultiVector.h"
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namespace  MLAPI

MLAPI: Default namespace for all MLAPI objects and functions.


MultiVector MLAPI::Duplicate (const MultiVector &y)
 Creates a new vector, x, such that x = y.
MultiVector MLAPI::Duplicate (const MultiVector &y, const int v)
 Creates a new vector, x, such that x = y(:,v)
MultiVector MLAPI::Extract (const MultiVector &y, const int v)
 Extracts a component from a vector.
MultiVector MLAPI::Redistribute (const MultiVector &y, const int NumEquations)
 Redistributes the entry of a vector as a multivector.

Detailed Description

Utilities for MultiVector's.

Marzio Sala, SNL 9214.
Last updated on Feb-05.
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