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file  MLAPI.h
file  MLAPI_Aggregation.h

Functions to create aggregation-based prolongator operators.

file  MLAPI_BaseLinearCombination.h

Base class for all operator overloading related operations.

file  MLAPI_BaseObject.h

Base MLAPI object.

file  MLAPI_BaseOperator.h

Base MLAPI operator.

file  MLAPI_CompObject.h

Class to count flops.

file  MLAPI_Defaults.h

Function to set default values in a parameter list.

file  MLAPI_DistributedMatrix.h

MLAPI wrapper for Epetra_FECrsMatrix, which allows MATLAB-like syntax.

file  MLAPI_Eig.h

MLAPI interfaces to eigensolvers.

file  MLAPI_EpetraBaseOperator.h

Basic class to wrap MLAPI::InverseOperator into Epetra_Operator.

file  MLAPI_Error.h
file  MLAPI_Expressions.h

Overloaded operators for MultiVector's, Operator's, and InverseOpereator's.

file  MLAPI_Gallery.h

MLAPI interface to the Galeri package.

file  MLAPI_InverseOperator.h

Base class for smoothers and coarse solvers.

file  MLAPI_Krylov.h

MLAPI interface to AztecOO's solvers.

file  MLAPI_LinearCombinations.h
file  MLAPI_LoadBalanceInverseOperator.h

wraps an MLAPI inverseoperator with zero rows on some processors.

file  MLAPI_LoadBalanceOperator.h

wraps an MLAPI operator with zero rows on some processors.

file  MLAPI_MATLABStream.h

Basic stream to save in a MATLAB-compatible file MLAPI objects.

file  MLAPI_MultiLevelAdaptiveSA.h

Adaptive smoothed aggregation preconditioner.

file  MLAPI_MultiLevelSA.h

Standard smoothed aggregation multilevel preconditioner.

file  MLAPI_MultiVector.h

MLAPI wrapper for double vectors.

file  MLAPI_MultiVector_Utils.h

Utilities for MultiVector's.

file  MLAPI_Operator.h

Basic class to define operators within MLAPI.

file  MLAPI_Operator_Box.h

Wrapper for ML_Operator to make it suitable for RefCountPtr.

file  MLAPI_Operator_Utils.h

Suite of utilities for MLAPI::Operator objects.

file  MLAPI_SerialMatrix.h

MATLAB-like serial matrix.

file  MLAPI_Space.h

Class to specify the number and distribution among processes of elements.

file  MLAPI_TimeObject.h
file  MLAPI_Workspace.h

Collection of utilities for workspace.

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