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ConstrainedOptPack::QPSchurPack::ConstraintsRelaxedStd::MatrixConstraints Class Reference

Matrix type for A_bar. More...

#include <ConstrainedOptPack_ConstraintsRelaxedStd.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 MatrixConstraints ()
 Construct to unitinitialized.
void initialize (const VectorSpace::space_ptr_t &space_d_eta, const size_type m_in, const size_type m_eq, const MatrixOp *E, BLAS_Cpp::Transp trans_E, const Vector *b, const MatrixOp *F, BLAS_Cpp::Transp trans_F, const Vector *f, size_type m_undecomp, const size_type j_f_undecomp[])

Private Types

typedef std::vector< size_type > row_i_t
typedef std::vector< size_type > col_j_t

Private Attributes

size_type nd_
size_type m_in_
size_type m_eq_
const MatrixOp * E_
BLAS_Cpp::Transp trans_E_
const Vector * b_
const MatrixOp * F_
BLAS_Cpp::Transp trans_F_
const Vector * f_
GenPermMatrixSlice P_u_
row_i_t P_u_row_i_
col_j_t P_u_col_j_
VectorSpace::space_ptr_t space_cols_
VectorSpaceBlocked space_rows_


size_type nd () const
size_type m_in () const
size_type m_eq () const
const MatrixOp * E () const
BLAS_Cpp::Transp trans_E () const
const Vector * b () const
const MatrixOp * F () const
BLAS_Cpp::Transp trans_F () const
const Vector * f () const
const GenPermMatrixSlice & P_u () const

Overridden from MatrixOp

const VectorSpace & space_cols () const
const VectorSpace & space_rows () const
MatrixOp & operator= (const MatrixOp &m)
void Vp_StMtV (VectorMutable *vs_lhs, value_type alpha, BLAS_Cpp::Transp trans_rhs1, const Vector &vs_rhs2, value_type beta) const
void Vp_StPtMtV (VectorMutable *vs_lhs, value_type alpha, const GenPermMatrixSlice &P_rhs1, BLAS_Cpp::Transp P_rhs1_trans, BLAS_Cpp::Transp M_rhs2_trans, const SpVectorSlice &sv_rhs3, value_type beta) const

Detailed Description

Matrix type for A_bar.

    A_bar = [  I   0  op(E')   op(F')*P_u  ]
            [  0   1   -b'       -f'*P_u   ]


Definition at line 105 of file ConstrainedOptPack_ConstraintsRelaxedStd.hpp.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ConstrainedOptPack::QPSchurPack::ConstraintsRelaxedStd::MatrixConstraints::MatrixConstraints ( )

Construct to unitinitialized.

this->nd() == 0 after construction.

Definition at line 594 of file ConstrainedOptPack_ConstraintsRelaxedStd.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void ConstrainedOptPack::QPSchurPack::ConstraintsRelaxedStd::MatrixConstraints::initialize ( const VectorSpace::space_ptr_t &  space_d_eta,
const size_type  m_in,
const size_type  m_eq,
const MatrixOp *  E,
BLAS_Cpp::Transp  trans_E,
const Vector *  b,
const MatrixOp *  F,
BLAS_Cpp::Transp  trans_F,
const Vector *  f,
size_type  m_undecomp,
const size_type  j_f_undecomp[] 


The sizes of the arguments are not checked.

It is expected that the objects being pointed to will not be resized or invalidated since copies of data are not made!

Definition at line 608 of file ConstrainedOptPack_ConstraintsRelaxedStd.cpp.

size_type ConstrainedOptPack::QPSchurPack::ConstraintsRelaxedStd::MatrixConstraints::nd ( ) const [inline]
size_type ConstrainedOptPack::QPSchurPack::ConstraintsRelaxedStd::MatrixConstraints::m_in ( ) const [inline]
size_type ConstrainedOptPack::QPSchurPack::ConstraintsRelaxedStd::MatrixConstraints::m_eq ( ) const [inline]
const MatrixOp* ConstrainedOptPack::QPSchurPack::ConstraintsRelaxedStd::MatrixConstraints::E ( ) const [inline]
BLAS_Cpp::Transp ConstrainedOptPack::QPSchurPack::ConstraintsRelaxedStd::MatrixConstraints::trans_E ( ) const [inline]
const Vector* ConstrainedOptPack::QPSchurPack::ConstraintsRelaxedStd::MatrixConstraints::b ( ) const [inline]
const MatrixOp* ConstrainedOptPack::QPSchurPack::ConstraintsRelaxedStd::MatrixConstraints::F ( ) const [inline]
BLAS_Cpp::Transp ConstrainedOptPack::QPSchurPack::ConstraintsRelaxedStd::MatrixConstraints::trans_F ( ) const [inline]
const Vector* ConstrainedOptPack::QPSchurPack::ConstraintsRelaxedStd::MatrixConstraints::f ( ) const [inline]
const GenPermMatrixSlice& ConstrainedOptPack::QPSchurPack::ConstraintsRelaxedStd::MatrixConstraints::P_u ( ) const [inline]
const VectorSpace & ConstrainedOptPack::QPSchurPack::ConstraintsRelaxedStd::MatrixConstraints::space_cols ( ) const
const VectorSpace & ConstrainedOptPack::QPSchurPack::ConstraintsRelaxedStd::MatrixConstraints::space_rows ( ) const
MatrixOp & ConstrainedOptPack::QPSchurPack::ConstraintsRelaxedStd::MatrixConstraints::operator= ( const MatrixOp &  m)
void ConstrainedOptPack::QPSchurPack::ConstraintsRelaxedStd::MatrixConstraints::Vp_StMtV ( VectorMutable *  vs_lhs,
value_type  alpha,
BLAS_Cpp::Transp  trans_rhs1,
const Vector &  vs_rhs2,
value_type  beta 
) const
void ConstrainedOptPack::QPSchurPack::ConstraintsRelaxedStd::MatrixConstraints::Vp_StPtMtV ( VectorMutable *  vs_lhs,
value_type  alpha,
const GenPermMatrixSlice &  P_rhs1,
BLAS_Cpp::Transp  P_rhs1_trans,
BLAS_Cpp::Transp  M_rhs2_trans,
const SpVectorSlice &  sv_rhs3,
value_type  beta 
) const

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