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ConstrainedOptPack::MatrixDecompRangeOrthog Class Reference

Matrix subclass for variable reduction orthogonal matrix R = Gc(:,con_decomp)'*Y. More...

#include <ConstrainedOptPack_MatrixDecompRangeOrthog.hpp>

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 MatrixDecompRangeOrthog ()
 Constructs uninitialized.
 MatrixDecompRangeOrthog (const C_ptr_t &C_ptr, const D_ptr_t &D_ptr, const S_ptr_t &S_ptr)
 Calls this->initialize().
void initialize (const C_ptr_t &C_ptr, const D_ptr_t &D_ptr, const S_ptr_t &S_ptr)
 Initialize the matrix object.
void set_uninitialized ()
 Make uninitialized.


const C_ptr_t & C_ptr () const
const D_ptr_t & D_ptr () const
const S_ptr_t & S_ptr () const

Overridden from MatrixOp

size_type rows () const
size_type cols () const
const VectorSpace & space_cols () const
const VectorSpace & space_rows () const
std::ostream & output (std::ostream &out) const
void Vp_StMtV (VectorMutable *v_lhs, value_type alpha, BLAS_Cpp::Transp trans_rhs1, const Vector &v_rhs2, value_type beta) const

Overridden from MatrixOpNonsing

void V_InvMtV (VectorMutable *v_lhs, BLAS_Cpp::Transp trans_rhs1, const Vector &v_rhs2) const

Detailed Description

Matrix subclass for variable reduction orthogonal matrix R = Gc(:,con_decomp)'*Y.

This matrix class is used to represent the matrix:

 R = C*(I + D*D')

 inv(R) =  inv(I + D*D') * inv(C)

        = (I - D * inv(I + D'*D) * D') * inv(C)

Above, the expresion for inv(R) is derived using the Sherman-Morrison-Woodbury formula. The nonsingular matrix S = I + D'*D is setup by the client, along with the basis matrix C and the direct sensitivity matrix D.

Definition at line 67 of file ConstrainedOptPack_MatrixDecompRangeOrthog.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ConstrainedOptPack::MatrixDecompRangeOrthog::MatrixDecompRangeOrthog ( )

Constructs uninitialized.


Definition at line 56 of file ConstrainedOptPack_MatrixDecompRangeOrthog.cpp.

ConstrainedOptPack::MatrixDecompRangeOrthog::MatrixDecompRangeOrthog ( const C_ptr_t &  C_ptr,
const D_ptr_t &  D_ptr,
const S_ptr_t &  S_ptr 

Calls this->initialize().

Definition at line 59 of file ConstrainedOptPack_MatrixDecompRangeOrthog.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void ConstrainedOptPack::MatrixDecompRangeOrthog::initialize ( const C_ptr_t &  C_ptr,
const D_ptr_t &  D_ptr,
const S_ptr_t &  S_ptr 

Initialize the matrix object.



  • C_ptr.get() != NULL (throw std::invalid_argument)
  • D_ptr.get() != NULL (throw std::invalid_argument)
  • S_ptr.get() != NULL (throw std::invalid_argument)
  • C_ptr->space_rows().is_compatible(D_ptr->space_cols()) == true (throw VectorSpace::IncompatibleVectorSpaces)
  • S_ptr->space_cols().is_compatible(D_ptr->space_rows()) == true (throw VectorSpace::IncompatibleVectorSpaces)


Definition at line 68 of file ConstrainedOptPack_MatrixDecompRangeOrthog.cpp.

void ConstrainedOptPack::MatrixDecompRangeOrthog::set_uninitialized ( )

Make uninitialized.


Definition at line 99 of file ConstrainedOptPack_MatrixDecompRangeOrthog.cpp.

const MatrixDecompRangeOrthog::C_ptr_t & ConstrainedOptPack::MatrixDecompRangeOrthog::C_ptr ( ) const [inline]
const MatrixDecompRangeOrthog::D_ptr_t & ConstrainedOptPack::MatrixDecompRangeOrthog::D_ptr ( ) const [inline]
const MatrixDecompRangeOrthog::S_ptr_t & ConstrainedOptPack::MatrixDecompRangeOrthog::S_ptr ( ) const [inline]
size_type ConstrainedOptPack::MatrixDecompRangeOrthog::rows ( ) const [virtual]
size_type ConstrainedOptPack::MatrixDecompRangeOrthog::cols ( ) const [virtual]
const VectorSpace & ConstrainedOptPack::MatrixDecompRangeOrthog::space_cols ( ) const [virtual]
const VectorSpace & ConstrainedOptPack::MatrixDecompRangeOrthog::space_rows ( ) const [virtual]
std::ostream & ConstrainedOptPack::MatrixDecompRangeOrthog::output ( std::ostream &  out) const [virtual]

Reimplemented from AbstractLinAlgPack::MatrixOp.

Definition at line 129 of file ConstrainedOptPack_MatrixDecompRangeOrthog.cpp.

void ConstrainedOptPack::MatrixDecompRangeOrthog::Vp_StMtV ( VectorMutable v_lhs,
value_type  alpha,
BLAS_Cpp::Transp  trans_rhs1,
const Vector v_rhs2,
value_type  beta 
) const [virtual]
void ConstrainedOptPack::MatrixDecompRangeOrthog::V_InvMtV ( VectorMutable v_lhs,
BLAS_Cpp::Transp  trans_rhs1,
const Vector v_rhs2 
) const [virtual]

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