IterationPack: General framework for building iterative algorithms Version of the Day
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
IterationPack::AlgorithmActs as the central hub for an iterative algorithm
IterationPack::Algorithm::AlgorithmInterruptedThrown if Algorithm was interrupted by the user
IterationPack::AlgorithmSetOptionsSet options for Algorithm from an OptionsFromStream object
IterationPack::AlgorithmStateAbstacts a set of iteration quantities for an iterative algorithm
IterationPack::AlgorithmStepBase type for all objects that perform steps in an Algorithm
IterationPack::AlgorithmTrackerUsed to ouput iteration results and other information
IterationPack::AlgorithmTrackerCompositeThis class acts a composite container for other AlgorithmTracker objects
IterationPack::Algorithm::AlreadyExistsThrown if name already exists
IterationPack::AlgorithmState::AlreadyExistsThrown if name already exists
IterationPack::CastIQMember< T >Template class to be used to lookup an interation quantity, cast it to an IterQuantityAccess<T> object and cache the iq_id for fast access later
IterationPack::CastIQMemberBaseBase class for some of the implementation features of CastIQMember
IterationPack::Algorithm::DoesNotExistThrown if name or id does not exist
IterationPack::AlgorithmState::DoesNotExistThrown if name or id does not exist
IterationPack::Algorithm::InvalidConfigChangeThrown if a member function is called while this is in an invalid running state.
IterationPack::Algorithm::InvalidControlProtocalThrown if an invalid control protocal is used
IterationPack::Algorithm::InvalidRunningStateThrown if a member function is called while this is in an invalid running state.
IterationPack::IterQuantityIterface for information about Iteration Quantities
IterationPack::IterQuantityAccess< T_info >Interface to typed iteration quantities
IterationPack::IterQuantityAccessContiguous< T_info >Iteration Quanities subclass for contiguous iterations
IterationPack::IterQuantity::NoStorageAvailableThrown memory if attempted to be set that storage can not be allocated to
IterationPack::IterQuantity::QuanityNotSetThrown when memory access is attempted when it has not yet been updated
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