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file  Optika_ArrayHelperFunctions.cpp
file  Optika_ArrayHelperFunctions.hpp
file  Optika_ArrayWidget.hpp

A collection of Widgets used to edit Arrays in Optika.

file  Optika_ConfigDefs.hpp

A Header file that includes some of the commonly used includes throughtout Optika as well as some overall information used throughout Optika.

file  Optika_delegate.cpp
file  Optika_delegate.hpp

The delegate used in the MVC framework for Optika.

file  Optika_FileNameWidget.cpp
file  Optika_FileNameWidget.hpp

A widget used to obtain file information in Optika.

file  Optika_GUI.cpp
file  Optika_GUI.hpp

A collection of functions and an Object that serve as the primary interface to the Optika package allowing application developers to obtain user input.

file  Optika_metawindow.cpp
file  Optika_metawindow.hpp

The main window users interact with along with a small search widget used in the main window.

file  Optika_treeitem.cpp
file  Optika_treeitem.hpp

A item in the treemodel.

file  Optika_treemodel.cpp
file  Optika_treemodel.hpp
file  Optika_treeview.cpp
file  Optika_treeview.hpp

The view used in Optikas implementation of the MVC framework.

file  Optika_Types.cpp
file  Optika_Types.hpp

A collection of types that Optika uses to to keep track of ParameterEntry types.

file  Optika_ValidatorApplier.hpp

A collection of objects which apply the restriction of a EnhancedNumberValidator to a SpinBoxes and LineEdits.

file  Optika_Version.hpp

Optika version information.

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