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stk::mesh::Relation Class Reference

A relation between two mesh entities with a relation identifier and kind . More...

#include <Relation.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef uint32_t raw_relation_id_type
typedef uint32_t attribute_type

Public Member Functions

 Relation ()
 Relation (Entity &entity, RelationIdentifier identifier)
 Construct a relation from a referenced entity and local identifier.
attribute_type attribute () const
void set_attribute (attribute_type attr) const
raw_relation_id_type raw_relation_id () const
 The encoded relation raw_relation_id.
unsigned entity_rank () const
 The rank of the referenced entity.
RelationIdentifier identifier () const
 The local relation identifier.
Entityentity () const
 The referenced entity.
bool operator== (const Relation &r) const
 Equality operator.
bool operator!= (const Relation &r) const
 Inequality operator.
bool operator< (const Relation &r) const
 Ordering operator.

Static Public Member Functions

static raw_relation_id_type raw_relation_id (unsigned rank, unsigned id)
 The encoded relation raw_relation_id.

Detailed Description

A relation between two mesh entities with a relation identifier and kind .

Each entity owns a collection of relations to other entities. Each of these relations has a referenced entity, direction, relation identifier, and kind.

  • The direction specifies whether the relation is from the entity owning the relation to the referenced entity or conversely from the referenced entity to the owning entity.
  • The identifier provides a local numbering convention for relations, for example the local numbering convention for the nodes of an element.
  • Relations can be given a kind raw_relation_id to differentiate between topological relations (kind = 0) and other kinds of relationships such as constraints.

Relations are ordered by their

  • kind of relation,
  • type of the referenced entity,
  • if the relation is forward or converse,
  • local relation identifier, and then
  • referenced entity's identifier.

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