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class  stk::rebalance::GeomDecomp
 Class for determining the optimal partitioning of mesh entities. More...
class  stk::rebalance::Partition
 Initialized with a list of mesh entities unique to each processor. More...


namespace  stk

Sierra Toolkit.


 Sierra Toolkit Rebalance Unit Tests
 Sierra Toolkit Rebalance Use Cases


file  GeomDecomp.hpp

Geometric support for partitioning of mesh entities.

file  Partition.hpp

For partitioning of mesh entities over a processing grid.

file  Rebalance.hpp

Static functions for dynamic load balancing.

file  ZoltanPartition.hpp


typedef mesh::Field< double > stk::rebalance::ScalarField

Detailed Description

The Sierra Toolkit Rebalance package supports computing a new mesh partition to reduce computational load imbalance and the corresponding migration of mesh entities to the new partition. Contents are as follows

How to build stk with Rebalance enabled.

The stk_rebalance capability is enabled in a Trilinos build that has been configured with the Zoltan and STK pacgakes enabled, eg

      cmake \
        .... other cmake options ....

        -D Trilinos_ENABLE_STK:BOOL=ON \
        -D Trilinos_ENABLE_Zoltan:BOOL=ON \

        .... other cmake options ....
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