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Teko::StaticRequestCallback< DataT > Class Template Reference

#include <Teko_StaticRequestCallback.hpp>

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DataT request (const RequestMesg &rm)
void preRequest (const RequestMesg &rm)
bool handlesRequest (const RequestMesg &rm)

Detailed Description

template<typename DataT>
class Teko::StaticRequestCallback< DataT >

A simple request interface that takes a static bit of data to return to Teko. This is meant primarily as a testing and early stage development tool.

The constructor takes an object of the same type the class was templated on. It also takes a string to be used to match the request.

Definition at line 65 of file Teko_StaticRequestCallback.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename DataT >
DataT Teko::StaticRequestCallback< DataT >::request ( const RequestMesg &  ) [virtual]

Satisfy a request. Similar to preRequest no assumption on the response to handlesRequest is made. Again its up to the user to satisfy this.

Implements Teko::RequestCallback< DataT >.

Definition at line 79 of file Teko_StaticRequestCallback.hpp.

template<typename DataT >
void Teko::StaticRequestCallback< DataT >::preRequest ( const RequestMesg &  ) [virtual]

Let the object know, that there is a request pending. This permits the application code to ``prepare'' to satisfy the request. This only must be called on construction of the preconditioner factory. If the result of the request must be constructed multiple times, that is incombant on the developer of the callback.

No assumption of handlesRequest being true for this message is made. It is up to the application to verify this.

Implements Teko::RequestCallbackBase.

Definition at line 87 of file Teko_StaticRequestCallback.hpp.

template<typename DataT >
bool Teko::StaticRequestCallback< DataT >::handlesRequest ( const RequestMesg &  ) [virtual]

Does this object satisfy the request?

True if the object can handle the request.

Implements Teko::RequestCallback< DataT >.

Definition at line 93 of file Teko_StaticRequestCallback.hpp.

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