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Teuchos::ArrayRCP< void > Class Template Reference

Full specialization of ArrayRCP for T = void. More...

#include <Teuchos_ArrayRCPDecl.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef void * pointer

Public Member Functions

 ArrayRCP ()
 Default constructor; thows an exception.

Detailed Description

class Teuchos::ArrayRCP< void >

Full specialization of ArrayRCP for T = void.

The generic implementation of ArrayRCP<T> does not make syntactic sense for T = void, because the reference and const_reference typedefs would resolve to the invalid "types" void& resp. const void&. This full template specialization ArrayRCP<void> neglects these invalid "types."

Definition at line 990 of file Teuchos_ArrayRCPDecl.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef void* Teuchos::ArrayRCP< void >::pointer

Definition at line 1002 of file Teuchos_ArrayRCPDecl.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Teuchos::ArrayRCP< void >::ArrayRCP ( ) [inline]

Default constructor; thows an exception.

Definition at line 1263 of file Teuchos_ArrayRCP.hpp.

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