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Teuchos::ArrayValidatorXMLConverter< ValidatorType, EntryType > Class Template Reference

Converts ArrayValidators to and from XML. More...

#include <Teuchos_StandardValidatorXMLConverters.hpp>

Inherits Teuchos::AbstractArrayValidatorXMLConverter< ValidatorType, EntryType >.

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template<class ValidatorType, class EntryType>
class Teuchos::ArrayValidatorXMLConverter< ValidatorType, EntryType >

Converts ArrayValidators to and from XML.

ArrayValidators can be represented in XML one of two ways. The first just creates the prototype validator as a child of the ArrayValidator. In this case, the prototype validator does NOT use a validatorId.

   validatorId="Validator id"
     ...Prototype Validator Goes Here...

The second way to define an ArrayValidator in XML is to just use the "prototypeId" attribute to specify the prototype validator as some other validator you've already defined.

     validatorId="Validator id"
     prototypeId="Prototype Validator Id"

Definition at line 703 of file Teuchos_StandardValidatorXMLConverters.hpp.

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