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Teuchos::StringToIntegralValidatorXMLConverter< IntegralType > Class Template Reference

Convert a StringToIntegralParameterEntryValidator to and from XML. More...

#include <Teuchos_StandardValidatorXMLConverters.hpp>

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Teuchos::ValidatorXMLConverter Teuchos::Describable Teuchos::LabeledObject

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Public Member Functions

Overridden from ValidatorXMLConverter
RCP< ParameterEntryValidatorconvertXML (const XMLObject &xmlObj, const IDtoValidatorMap &validatorIDsMap) const
void convertValidator (const RCP< const ParameterEntryValidator > validator, XMLObject &xmlObj, const ValidatortoIDMap &validatorIDsMap) const

Detailed Description

template<class IntegralType>
class Teuchos::StringToIntegralValidatorXMLConverter< IntegralType >

Convert a StringToIntegralParameterEntryValidator to and from XML.

This class knows how to write a StringToIntegralParameterEntryValidator to XML, and create an StringToIntegralParameterEntryValidator from its XML representation.

Here is the XML representation of a StringToIntegralValidator:

   defaultParameterName="Name of default parameter"
   validatorId="Validator id"
     stringValue="Value 1"
     integralValue="int value 1"
     stringDoc="Documentation for Value 1"
     stringValue="Value 2"
     integralValue="int value 2"
     stringDoc="Documentation for Value 2"
   ...More String Values...

Here, "[true|false]" means the XML string representation of either Boolean true, or Boolean false.

The "integralValue", "stringDoc", and "caseSensitive" XML attributes are optional. However, if one of the "String" tags includes an "integralValue" and/or a "stringDoc" XML attribute, all other "String" tags must do so as well.

Definition at line 99 of file Teuchos_StandardValidatorXMLConverters.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<class IntegralType >
RCP< ParameterEntryValidator > Teuchos::StringToIntegralValidatorXMLConverter< IntegralType >::convertXML ( const XMLObject xmlObj,
const IDtoValidatorMap validatorIDsMap 
) const [virtual]
template<class IntegralType >
void Teuchos::StringToIntegralValidatorXMLConverter< IntegralType >::convertValidator ( const RCP< const ParameterEntryValidator validator,
XMLObject xmlObj,
const ValidatortoIDMap validatorIDsMap 
) const [virtual]

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