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Teuchos::TypeNameTraits< Array< T > > Class Template Reference

TypeNameTraits specialization for Array. More...

#include <Teuchos_Array.hpp>

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template<typename T>
class Teuchos::TypeNameTraits< Array< T > >

TypeNameTraits specialization for Array.

NOTE: Use of this class requires that either that the type T be defined or that a TypeNameTraits<T> specialization exists. In order not to restrict the use of Array<T> for undefined pointer types (where T=U*), this TypeNameTraits class specialization will not be used in core Array functionality.

This matters because some MPI implementations use pointers to undefined structs. If you want to portably store these undefined struct pointers in an Array, then you can't use this traits class. This is a limitation of the C++ language itself.

Definition at line 738 of file Teuchos_Array.hpp.

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