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Thyra::SolveStatus< Scalar > Member List
This is the complete list of members for Thyra::SolveStatus< Scalar >, including all inherited members.
accumulateSolveStatus(const SolveCriteria< Scalar >, const SolveStatus< Scalar > &solveStatus, const Ptr< SolveStatus< Scalar > > &overallSolveStatus)Thyra::SolveStatus< Scalar > [related]
accumulateSolveStatusInit(const Ptr< SolveStatus< Scalar > > &overallSolveStatus)Thyra::SolveStatus< Scalar > [related]
achievedTolThyra::SolveStatus< Scalar >
achievedTolToString(const ScalarMag &achievedTol)Thyra::SolveStatus< Scalar > [inline, static]
extraParametersThyra::SolveStatus< Scalar >
messageThyra::SolveStatus< Scalar >
operator<<(std::ostream &out_arg, const SolveStatus< Scalar > &solveStatus)Thyra::SolveStatus< Scalar > [related]
ScalarMag typedefThyra::SolveStatus< Scalar >
SolveStatus()Thyra::SolveStatus< Scalar > [inline]
solveStatusThyra::SolveStatus< Scalar >
unknownTolerance()Thyra::SolveStatus< Scalar > [inline, static]
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