Thyra ANA Operator Solve Interfaces Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Thyra::BlockSolveCriteria< Scalar >Deprecated.
Thyra::CatastrophicSolveFailureException type thrown on an catastrophic solve failure
Thyra::LinearOpSourceBase< Scalar >Base interface for objects that can return a linear operator
Thyra::LinearOpWithSolveBase< Scalar >Base class for all linear operators that can support a high-level solve operation
Thyra::LinearOpWithSolveFactoryBase< Scalar >Factory interface for creating LinearOpWithSolveBase objects from compatible LinearOpBase objects
Thyra::PreconditionerBase< Scalar >Simple interface class to access a precreated preconditioner as one or more linear operators objects and information on how they are ment to be applied
Thyra::PreconditionerFactoryBase< Scalar >Factory interface for creating precondtioner objects from LinearOpBase objects
Thyra::SolveCriteria< Scalar >Simple struct that defines the requested solution criteria for a solve
Thyra::SolveMeasureTypeSolve tolerance type
Thyra::SolveStatus< Scalar >Simple struct for the return status from a solve

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