Zoltan2::IdentifierTraits< T > Member List
This is the complete list of members for Zoltan2::IdentifierTraits< T >, including all inherited members.
areConsecutive(const T *val, size_t n)Zoltan2::IdentifierTraits< T > [inline, static]
difference(const T a, const T b)Zoltan2::IdentifierTraits< T > [inline, static]
globalMinMax(const Comm< int > &comm, bool flag, T localMin, T localMax, T &globalMin, T &globalMax)Zoltan2::IdentifierTraits< T > [inline, static]
hashCode(const T id)Zoltan2::IdentifierTraits< T > [inline, static]
hasUniqueKey()Zoltan2::IdentifierTraits< T > [inline, static]
is_valid_id_type()Zoltan2::IdentifierTraits< T > [inline, static]
isGlobalOrdinal()Zoltan2::IdentifierTraits< T > [inline, static]
key(const T c)Zoltan2::IdentifierTraits< T > [inline, static]
minMax(const T *values, size_t numValues, T &min, T &max)Zoltan2::IdentifierTraits< T > [inline, static]
name()Zoltan2::IdentifierTraits< T > [inline, static]
stringify(T val)Zoltan2::IdentifierTraits< T > [inline, static]