Epetra_Object Member List

This is the complete list of members for Epetra_Object, including all inherited members.

Epetra_Object(int TracebackModeIn=-1, bool set_label=true)Epetra_Object
Epetra_Object(const char *const Label, int TracebackModeIn=-1)Epetra_Object
Epetra_Object(const Epetra_Object &Object)Epetra_Object
GetTracebackMode()Epetra_Object [static]
GetTracebackStream()Epetra_Object [static]
Label() const Epetra_Object [virtual]
Print(ostream &os) const Epetra_Object [virtual]
ReportError(const string Message, int ErrorCode) const Epetra_Object [virtual]
SetLabel(const char *const Label)Epetra_Object [virtual]
SetTracebackMode(int TracebackModeValue)Epetra_Object [static]
toString(const int &x) const (defined in Epetra_Object)Epetra_Object [inline, protected]
toString(const double &x) const (defined in Epetra_Object)Epetra_Object [inline, protected]
TracebackMode (defined in Epetra_Object)Epetra_Object [static]
~Epetra_Object()Epetra_Object [virtual]

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