EpetraExt::CrsMatrix_Dirichlet Class Reference

Given an input Epetra_LinearProblem, apply given dirichlet conditions. More...

#include <EpetraExt_Dirichlet_CrsMatrix.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ~CrsMatrix_Dirichlet ()
 CrsMatrix_Dirichlet (const Epetra_IntVector &Locations, bool Symmetric=false)
bool fwd ()
 Applies Dirichlet BC's.
bool rvs ()

Detailed Description

Given an input Epetra_LinearProblem, apply given dirichlet conditions.

Definition at line 44 of file EpetraExt_Dirichlet_CrsMatrix.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EpetraExt::CrsMatrix_Dirichlet::~CrsMatrix_Dirichlet (  ) 


EpetraExt::CrsMatrix_Dirichlet::CrsMatrix_Dirichlet ( const Epetra_IntVector Locations,
bool  Symmetric = false 
) [inline]


Locations Integer vector containing 1's for Dirichlet BC rows and 0's otherwise
Symmetric Boolean flag indicating whether to enforce symmetry by zeroing out columns, false by default

Definition at line 58 of file EpetraExt_Dirichlet_CrsMatrix.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool EpetraExt::CrsMatrix_Dirichlet::fwd (  )  [virtual]

Applies Dirichlet BC's.

Implements EpetraExt::Transform< T, U >.

bool EpetraExt::CrsMatrix_Dirichlet::rvs (  )  [virtual]


Implements EpetraExt::Transform< T, U >.

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