LinSysCore_flexible Class Reference

#include <fei_LinSysCore_flexible.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~LinSysCore_flexible ()
virtual int resetConstraints (double s)=0
virtual int setMultCRComplete ()=0
virtual int constraintsLoadComplete ()=0

Detailed Description

Abstract interface that derives from LinearSystemCore and adds new functions related to changing constraint relations.

Definition at line 18 of file fei_LinSysCore_flexible.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual int LinSysCore_flexible::resetConstraints ( double  s  )  [pure virtual]

Reset any previously-loaded lagrange multiplier constraint-relations.

virtual int LinSysCore_flexible::setMultCRComplete (  )  [pure virtual]

Signal that we're done calling the setMultCREqns function.

virtual int LinSysCore_flexible::constraintsLoadComplete (  )  [pure virtual]

Signal the underlying solver library that the loading of constraints is now complete. (Constraint-loading functions are in LinearSystemCore.) Important Note: This method, LinSysCore_flexible::constraintsLoadComplete() will be called *INSTEAD OF* LinearSystemCore::matrixLoadComplete().

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