NodeDescriptor Class Reference

#include <fei_NodeDescriptor.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 NodeDescriptor ()
 NodeDescriptor (const NodeDescriptor &src)
virtual ~NodeDescriptor ()
GlobalID getGlobalNodeID () const
void setGlobalNodeID (GlobalID node)
int getNodeNumber () const
void setNodeNumber (int nn)
int getBlkEqnNumber () const
void setBlkEqnNumber (int blkEqn)
int getNumNodalDOF () const
void setNumNodalDOF (int dof)
void addField (int fieldID)
void setFieldEqnNumber (int fieldID, int eqn)
int getNumFields () const
const int * getFieldIDList () const
const int * getFieldEqnNumbers () const
bool getFieldEqnNumber (int fieldID, int &eqnNumber) const
bool operator== (const NodeDescriptor &nd) const
bool operator!= (const NodeDescriptor &nd) const
bool operator< (const NodeDescriptor &nd) const
bool operator> (const NodeDescriptor &nd) const
int getOwnerProc () const
void setOwnerProc (int proc)
void addBlock (GlobalID blk)
int getNumBlocks () const
const GlobalID * getBlockList () const
bool containedInBlock (GlobalID blk) const

Detailed Description

The NodeDescriptor class holds the information that the FEI implementation needs to know about the nodes in the finite element problem:

Global node identifier number of nodal degrees-of-freedom list of associated field identifiers, with their (global) equation numbers (global) blk-eqn number which processor is this node's owner list of (local) blocks that contain this node

Note: 'block' is used in two contexts here. There are element-blocks, and there are block-equations. Element-blocks refer to the blocks of elements in the finite-element problem, with all elements in a block containing the same number of solution fields per node, etc. Block-equations refer to the small dense sub-blocks of a block-entry sparse matrix. Each node is associated with a number of element-blocks, and each node has exactly one associated global 0-based block-equation number.

Definition at line 36 of file fei_NodeDescriptor.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool NodeDescriptor::getFieldEqnNumber ( int  fieldID,
int &  eqnNumber 
) const

Given a fieldID, return the first equation number associated with that field at this node.

false if fieldID is not present at this node

Definition at line 92 of file fei_NodeDescriptor.cpp.

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