PoissonData Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 PoissonData (int L, int numProcs, int localProc, int outputLevel)
 ~PoissonData ()
int getElemFormat ()
int getNumFields ()
int * getFieldSizes ()
int * getFieldIDs ()
GlobalID getElemBlockID ()
int getNumLocalElements ()
GlobalID * getLocalElementIDs ()
int getNumNodesPerElement ()
int * getNumFieldsPerNodeList ()
int ** getNodalFieldIDsTable ()
GlobalID * getElementConnectivity (GlobalID elemID)
double ** getElemStiffness (GlobalID elemID)
double * getElemLoad (GlobalID elemID)
void addBCNode (GlobalID nodeID, double x, double y)
void calculateBCs ()
int getNumBCNodes ()
GlobalID * getBCNodeIDs ()
int getBCFieldID ()
double * getBCValues ()
void getLeftSharedNodes (int &numShared, GlobalID *sharedNodeIDs, int *numProcsPerSharedNode, int **sharingProcs)
void getRightSharedNodes (int &numShared, GlobalID *sharedNodeIDs, int *numProcsPerSharedNode, int **sharingProcs)
void getTopSharedNodes (int &numShared, GlobalID *sharedNodeIDs, int *numProcsPerSharedNode, int **sharingProcs)
void getBottomSharedNodes (int &numShared, GlobalID *sharedNodeIDs, int *numProcsPerSharedNode, int **sharingProcs)

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