fei::Record Class Reference

#include <fei_Record.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Record ()
 Record (const Record &src)
virtual ~Record ()
void setID (int ID)
int getID () const
void setNumber (int num)
int getNumber () const
bool operator== (const Record &rcd) const
bool operator!= (const Record &rcd) const
bool operator< (const Record &rcd) const
bool operator> (const Record &rcd) const
void setOwnerProc (int owner)
int getOwnerProc () const
void setFieldMask (fei::FieldMask *fm)
fei::FieldMaskgetFieldMask ()
const fei::FieldMaskgetFieldMask () const
void setOffsetIntoEqnNumbers (int offset)
int getOffsetIntoEqnNumbers () const
bool hasSlaveDof () const
void hasSlaveDof (bool flag)
int deepCopy (const Record &rcd)

Public Attributes

bool isInLocalSubdomain_

Detailed Description

Container for record attributes. A Record is basically the FEI representation of a "mesh-object".

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

fei::Record::Record (  ) 


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fei::Record::~Record (  )  [virtual]


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Member Function Documentation

void fei::Record::setID ( int  ID  )  [inline]

Set globally unique identifier.

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int fei::Record::getID (  )  const [inline]

Query globally unique identifier.

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void fei::Record::setNumber ( int  num  )  [inline]

Set globally zero-based number.

Definition at line 46 of file fei_Record.hpp.

int fei::Record::getNumber (  )  const [inline]

Get globally zero-based number.

Definition at line 52 of file fei_Record.hpp.

bool fei::Record::operator== ( const Record rcd  )  const [inline]


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bool fei::Record::operator!= ( const Record rcd  )  const [inline]


Definition at line 64 of file fei_Record.hpp.

bool fei::Record::operator< ( const Record rcd  )  const [inline]


Definition at line 70 of file fei_Record.hpp.

bool fei::Record::operator> ( const Record rcd  )  const [inline]


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void fei::Record::setOwnerProc ( int  owner  )  [inline]


Definition at line 82 of file fei_Record.hpp.

int fei::Record::getOwnerProc (  )  const [inline]


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void fei::Record::setFieldMask ( fei::FieldMask fm  )  [inline]


Definition at line 94 of file fei_Record.hpp.

fei::FieldMask* fei::Record::getFieldMask (  )  [inline]


Definition at line 100 of file fei_Record.hpp.

const fei::FieldMask* fei::Record::getFieldMask (  )  const [inline]


Definition at line 106 of file fei_Record.hpp.

void fei::Record::setOffsetIntoEqnNumbers ( int  offset  )  [inline]

Set offset-into-equation-numbers.

Definition at line 113 of file fei_Record.hpp.

int fei::Record::getOffsetIntoEqnNumbers (  )  const [inline]

Return offset-into-equation-numbers.

Definition at line 120 of file fei_Record.hpp.

int fei::Record::deepCopy ( const Record rcd  ) 

Like a copy constructor

Definition at line 28 of file fei_Record.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

bool fei::Record::isInLocalSubdomain_

ugh, public data member...

Definition at line 135 of file fei_Record.hpp.

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