Intrepid::CubatureDirectLineGauss< Scalar, ArrayType > Class Template Reference

Defines Gauss integration rules on a line. More...

#include <Intrepid_CubatureDirectLineGauss.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Intrepid::CubatureDirectLineGauss< Scalar, ArrayType >:
Intrepid::CubatureDirect< Scalar, ArrayType > Intrepid::Cubature< Scalar, ArrayType >

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Public Member Functions

 CubatureDirectLineGauss (const int degree=0)
const char * getName () const
 Returns cubature name.
const CubatureTemplateexposeCubatureData () const
 Exposes cubature data.
int getMaxAccuracy () const
 Returns maximum cubature accuracy.

Static Public Member Functions

static const CubatureTemplate(& exposeCubatureDataStatic ())[INTREPID_CUBATURE_LINE_GAUSS_MAX+1]
 Exposes cubature data, accessible without construction.

Static Private Attributes

static const CubatureTemplate cubature_data_ [INTREPID_CUBATURE_LINE_GAUSS_MAX+1]
 Complete set of data defining line Gauss(-Legendre) rules.
static const char * cubature_name_ = "INTREPID_CUBATURE_LINE_GAUSS"
 Names of templates for frequently used direct cubature rules.

Detailed Description

template<class Scalar, class ArrayType = FieldContainer<Scalar>>
class Intrepid::CubatureDirectLineGauss< Scalar, ArrayType >

Defines Gauss integration rules on a line.

Definition at line 55 of file Intrepid_CubatureDirectLineGauss.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class Scalar , class ArrayType >
Intrepid::CubatureDirectLineGauss< Scalar, ArrayType >::CubatureDirectLineGauss ( const int  degree = 0  )  [inline]


degree [in] - The degree of polynomials that are integrated exactly by this cubature rule. Default: 0.

Definition at line 38 of file Intrepid_CubatureDirectLineGaussDef.hpp.

References Intrepid::CubatureDirect< Scalar, ArrayType >::degree_, Intrepid::CubatureDirect< Scalar, ArrayType >::dimension_, and INTREPID_CUBATURE_LINE_GAUSS_MAX.

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