Intrepid::CubatureSparse< Scalar, dimension_, ArrayType > Class Template Reference

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Intrepid::Cubature< Scalar, ArrayType >

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Public Member Functions

 CubatureSparse (const int degree)
virtual void getCubature (ArrayType &cubPoints, ArrayType &cubWeights) const
 Returns cubature points and weights (return arrays must be pre-sized/pre-allocated).
virtual int getNumPoints () const
 Returns the number of cubature points.
virtual int getDimension () const
 Returns dimension of the integration domain.
virtual void getAccuracy (std::vector< int > &accuracy) const
 Returns algebraic accuracy (e.g. max. degree of polynomial that is integrated exactly).

Private Attributes

int level_
int numPoints_
const int degree_

Detailed Description

template<class Scalar, int dimension_, class ArrayType = FieldContainer<Scalar>>
class Intrepid::CubatureSparse< Scalar, dimension_, ArrayType >

Definition at line 61 of file Intrepid_CubatureSparse.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<class Scalar , int dimension_, class ArrayType >
void Intrepid::CubatureSparse< Scalar, dimension_, ArrayType >::getCubature ( ArrayType &  cubPoints,
ArrayType &  cubWeights 
) const [inline, virtual]

Returns cubature points and weights (return arrays must be pre-sized/pre-allocated).

cubPoints [out] - Array containing the cubature points.
cubWeights [out] - Array of corresponding cubature weights.

Implements Intrepid::Cubature< Scalar, ArrayType >.

Definition at line 123 of file Intrepid_CubatureSparseDef.hpp.

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