Trilinos/Kokkos: Core Kernels Package

Version 2.0


Kokkos is a collection of the handful of sparse and dense kernels that determine the much of the performance for preconditioned Krylov methods. In particular, it contains function class for sparse matrix vector multiplication and triangular solves, and also for dense kernels that are not part of the standard BLAS.

The classes in this package are written in a way that they can be easily customized via inheritance, replacing only the small sections of code that are unique for a given platform or architectures. In this way we hope to provide optimal implementations of these algorithms for a broad set of platforms from scalar microprocessors to vector multiprocessors.

Kokkos is not intended as a user package, but to be incorporated into other packages that need high performance kernels.

Overview of Kokkos.

Kokkos Classes

Kokkos contains a number of classes. They can be categorized as follows:

Trilinos and Kokkos

Kokkos can be used as a stand-alone package. However, it also provides functionality for Epetra and Tpetra.