MOERTEL::Segment_BiLinearQuad Class Reference

A class to define a 4-noded quadrilateral 2D Segment. More...

#include <mrtr_segment_bilinearquad.H>

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Public Member Functions

 Segment_BiLinearQuad (int id, int nnode, int *nodeId, int out)
 Standard Constructor.
 Segment_BiLinearQuad (int out)
 Empty Constructor.
 Segment_BiLinearQuad (MOERTEL::Segment_BiLinearQuad &old)
 Copy Constructor.
virtual ~Segment_BiLinearQuad ()
MOERTEL::SegmentClone ()
 Deep copy this instance of Segment_BiLinearQuad and return pointer to the copy.
int * Pack (int *size)
 not implemented
bool UnPack (int *pack)
 not implemented
double Area ()
 not implemented
double * BuildNormal (double *xi)
 not implemented
double Metric (double *xi, double g[], double G[][3])
 not implemented
bool LocalCoordinatesOfNode (int lid, double *xi)
 not implemented

Protected Member Functions

Segment_BiLinearQuad operator= (const Segment &old)

Detailed Description

A class to define a 4-noded quadrilateral 2D Segment.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MOERTEL::Segment_BiLinearQuad::Segment_BiLinearQuad ( int  id,
int  nnode,
int *  nodeId,
int  out 
) [explicit]

Standard Constructor.

Id : A unique positive Segment id. Does not need to be continous among segments
nnode : Number of nodes this segment is attached to
nodeId : Pointer to vector length nnode holding unique positive node ids of nodes this segment is attached to in counterclock-wise orientation looking at the interface such that the outward normal to the domain points out from the screen
outlevel : Level of output to stdout to be generated by this class (0-10)

MOERTEL::Segment_BiLinearQuad::Segment_BiLinearQuad ( int  out  )  [explicit]

Empty Constructor.

To be used for communicating Segment_BiLinearTri classes among processes together with Pack and UnPack

MOERTEL::Segment_BiLinearQuad::Segment_BiLinearQuad ( MOERTEL::Segment_BiLinearQuad old  ) 

Copy Constructor.

Makes a deep copy of a Segment_BiLinearQuad

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