Stokhos::RysBasis< ordinal_type, value_type > Class Template Reference

Rys polynomial basis. More...

#include <Stokhos_RysBasis.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 RysBasis (ordinal_type p, value_type c, bool normalize)
 ~RysBasis ()

Static Public Member Functions

static value_type rysWeight (const value_type x)
 The Rys weight function.

Detailed Description

template<typename ordinal_type, typename value_type>
class Stokhos::RysBasis< ordinal_type, value_type >

Rys polynomial basis.

Rys polynomials are polynomials orthogonal with respect to the weight function

\[ w(x) = e^{\frac{-x^2}{2}} \]

defined on the interval $[-c,c]$, for a given choice of $c$. The corresponding density $\rho(x)$ is obtained by scaling $w(x)$ to unit probability.

The coefficients of the corresponding three-term recursion are generated using the Discretized Stieltjes procedure implemented by Stokhos::DiscretizedStieltjesBasis.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename ordinal_type, typename value_type>
Stokhos::RysBasis< ordinal_type, value_type >::RysBasis ( ordinal_type  p,
value_type  c,
bool  normalize 
) [inline]


p order of the basis
c defines domain of support of weight function
normalize whether polynomials should be given unit norm

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