Teuchos_VerbosityLevel.hpp File Reference


#include "Teuchos_TestForException.hpp"
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namespace  Teuchos


enum  Teuchos::EVerbosityLevel {
  Teuchos::VERB_DEFAULT = -1, Teuchos::VERB_NONE = 0, Teuchos::VERB_LOW = 1, Teuchos::VERB_MEDIUM = 2,
  Teuchos::VERB_HIGH = 3, Teuchos::VERB_EXTREME = 4

Verbosity level.



std::string Teuchos::toString (const EVerbosityLevel verbLevel)
 Return a std::string representation of the verbosity level.
bool Teuchos::includesVerbLevel (const EVerbosityLevel verbLevel, const EVerbosityLevel requestedVerbLevel, const bool isDefaultLevel=false)
 Return true if the verbosity level includes the given level.
EVerbosityLevel Teuchos::incrVerbLevel (const EVerbosityLevel inputVerbLevel, const int numLevels)
 Return an increased or decreased verbosity level.

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Definition in file Teuchos_VerbosityLevel.hpp.

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