Thyra : Interfaces and Support code for Abstract Numerical Algorithms (ANAs)

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The Thyra package contains a set of interfaces and supporting code that defines basic interoperability mechanisms between different types of numerical software. The foundation of all the interfaces related to abstract numerical algorithms (ANAs) are the mathematical concepts of vectors, vector spaces, and linear operators. All other ANA interfaces and support software are built on these fundamental operator/vector interfaces.

This main page provides the starting point for all of the documentation for Thyra interfaces and software. This documentation is generated using Doxygen.

The documentation for Thyra is broken up into a number of different doxygen collections as described in the next section.

Thyra Software Package Documentation Collections

The Doxygen-generated documentation is broken up into a number of different doxygen collections in an attempt to make each individual collection more manageable to browse and comprehend. To access each separate collection, just click on the [doxygen collection] next to each header below.

The thrya package is broadly divided into interoperability interfaces and support software and the directory structure and the doxygen documentation is also divided in this way. Below are links to the different Doxygen documentation collections for the different aspects of Thyra. This organization also mirrors the directory structure of thyra.

Thyra interoperability interfaces

Thyra support software and examples

Thyra adapters to other packages

Browse all of Thyra as a single doxygen collection

You can browse all of Thyra as a single doxygen collection. Warning: This is not the recommended way to learn about Thyra software. However, this is a good way to browse the directory structure of thyra, to locate files, etc.

Some Technicalities about Thyra Interfaces and Supporting Software

A few things about the software in the Thyra package are worth mentioning:

Other Trilinos Packages on which Thyra Depends

The Thyra code described here is dependent on the following Trilinos packages:

Configuration of the Thyra Package

The Thyra package's configure script (which should be called from the base Trilinos-level configure script) responds to a number of options that affect the code that is built and what code is installed.

Some of the more important configuration options are:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click here for a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) compiled for thyra.

Documents Describing or are Related to Thyra

Contributors to the Thyra Package and Related Software

The contributors to the Thyra package, or related packages, in alphabetical order, are:

Other Software Related to Thyra

Below is a partial list of software related to Thyra.

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