Extended Thyra ANA Operator/Vector Interfaces Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Thyra::AddedLinearOpBase< Scalar >Interface class for implicitly added linear operators
Thyra::BlockedLinearOpBase< Scalar >Base interface for linear operators that can be accessed as sub-blocks
Thyra::DiagonalLinearOpBase< Scalar >Interface class for for diagonal linear operators
Thyra::IdentityLinearOpBase< Scalar >Interface class for identity linear operators
Thyra::LinearOpTransformerBase< Scalar >Base interface for transforming a LinearOpBase object
Thyra::MultipliedLinearOpBase< Scalar >Interface class for implicitly multiplied linear operators
Thyra::MultiVectorFileIOBase< Scalar >Abstract strategy interface for reading and writing (multi)vector objects to and from files
Thyra::MultiVectorRandomizerBase< Scalar >Base interface for a strategy object for randomizing a multi-vector
Thyra::PhysicallyBlockedLinearOpBase< Scalar >Base interface for physically blocked linear operators
Teuchos::PolynomialTraits< Thyra::VectorBase< Scalar > >Specilization of Teuchos::PolynomialTraits for Thyra vectors
Thyra::ProductMultiVectorBase< Scalar >Base interface for product multi-vectors
Thyra::ProductVectorBase< Scalar >Base interface for product vectors
Thyra::ProductVectorSpaceBase< Scalar >Base interface for product vector spaces
Thyra::ScaledAdjointLinearOpBase< Scalar >Base class for LinearOpBase decorator subclasses that wrap a LinearOpBase object and adds on an extra scaling factor and/or a new transpose enum
Thyra::SpmdVectorSpaceBase< Scalar >Base abstract VectorSpaceBase class for all SPMD-based vector spaces
Thyra::VectorSpaceConverterBase< ScalarFrom, ScalarTo >Base interface for a factory that converts vector space types and vectors and multi-vectors from one scalar type to another
Thyra::ZeroLinearOpBase< Scalar >Interface class for zero linear operators

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