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AZ_MATRIX_STRUCT Struct Reference
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int matrix_type
int N_local
int N_ghost
int mat_create_called
int must_free_data_org
int * rpntr
int * cpntr
int * bpntr
int * bindx
int * indx
double * val
int * data_org
int N_update
int * update
int has_global_indices
void(* matvec )(double *, double *, struct AZ_MATRIX_STRUCT *, int *)
double(* matnorminf )(struct AZ_MATRIX_STRUCT *)
int(* getrow )(int columns[], double values[], int row_lengths[], struct AZ_MATRIX_STRUCT *Amat, int N_requested, int requested_rows[], int allocated_space)
int(* user_comm )(double *, struct AZ_MATRIX_STRUCT *)
double matrix_norm
int ** aux_ival
double ** aux_dval
void * aux_ptr
void * matvec_data
void * getrow_data
struct AZ_MATRIX_STRUCT ** aux_matrix
int N_nz
int max_per_row
int largest_band
struct AZ_CONVERGE_STRUCTconv_info
char * print_string

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