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GlobiPack::Brents1DMinimization< Scalar > Class Template Reference

Simple concrete class that implements a 1D algorithm to mimimize a 1D function. More...

#include <GlobiPack_Brents1DMinimization_decl.hpp>

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template<typename Scalar >
const RCP
< Brents1DMinimization< Scalar > > 
brents1DMinimization ()
 Nonmember constructor.


 Brents1DMinimization ()
 Construct with default parameters.

Overridden from ParameterListAcceptor

void setParameterList (RCP< ParameterList > const &paramList)
RCP< const ParameterListgetValidParameters () const


bool approxMinimize (const MeritFunc1DBase< Scalar > &phi, const PointEval1D< Scalar > &pointLower, const Ptr< PointEval1D< Scalar > > &pointMiddle, const PointEval1D< Scalar > &pointUpper, const Ptr< int > &numIters=Teuchos::null) const
 Approximatly mimimize a 1D function.

Detailed Description

template<typename Scalar>
class GlobiPack::Brents1DMinimization< Scalar >

Simple concrete class that implements a 1D algorithm to mimimize a 1D function.

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Definition at line 63 of file GlobiPack_Brents1DMinimization_decl.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename Scalar >
GlobiPack::Brents1DMinimization< Scalar >::Brents1DMinimization ( )

Construct with default parameters.

Definition at line 59 of file GlobiPack_Brents1DMinimization_def.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename Scalar >
void GlobiPack::Brents1DMinimization< Scalar >::setParameterList ( RCP< ParameterList > const &  paramList) [virtual]
template<typename Scalar >
RCP< const ParameterList > GlobiPack::Brents1DMinimization< Scalar >::getValidParameters ( ) const [virtual]

Reimplemented from Teuchos::ParameterListAcceptor.

Definition at line 87 of file GlobiPack_Brents1DMinimization_def.hpp.

template<typename Scalar >
bool GlobiPack::Brents1DMinimization< Scalar >::approxMinimize ( const MeritFunc1DBase< Scalar > &  phi,
const PointEval1D< Scalar > &  pointLower,
const Ptr< PointEval1D< Scalar > > &  pointMiddle,
const PointEval1D< Scalar > &  pointUpper,
const Ptr< int > &  numIters = Teuchos::null 
) const

Approximatly mimimize a 1D function.

phi[in] The evaluator object for the merit function which evaluates phi(alpha)).
pointLower[in] Gives the lower bound for the point. This lower bound will be respected and will never be violated. The derivative field pointLower->Dphi is not accessed.
pointMiddle[in/out] In input, *pointMiddle give the initial guess for the point. On output, *pointMiddle gives the approximate minumum solution. The derivative field pointUpper->Dphi is not accessed.
pointUpper[in] Gives the upper bound for the point. The derivative field pointUpper->Dphi is not accessed.
numIters[out] If not null, on output, numIters gives the number of iterations used.
Returns true if an approximate local minimum has been found, false otherwise.


  • pointLower.alpha < pointMiddle->alpha && pointMiddle->alpha < pointUpper.alpha

  • pointLower.phi > pointMiddle->phi && pointMiddle->phi < pointUpper.phi

Definition at line 107 of file GlobiPack_Brents1DMinimization_def.hpp.

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template<typename Scalar >
const RCP< Brents1DMinimization< Scalar > > brents1DMinimization ( ) [related]

Nonmember constructor.

Definition at line 152 of file GlobiPack_Brents1DMinimization_decl.hpp.

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