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#include "Intrepid_Utils.hpp"

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int Intrepid::getFieldRank (const EFunctionSpace spaceType)
 Returns the rank of fields in a function space of the specified type.
int Intrepid::getOperatorRank (const EFunctionSpace spaceType, const EOperator operatorType, const int spaceDim)
 Returns rank of an operator.
int Intrepid::getOperatorOrder (const EOperator operatorType)
 Returns order of an operator.
int Intrepid::getDkEnumeration (const int xMult, const int yMult=-1, const int zMult=-1)
 Returns the ordinal of a partial derivative of order k based on the multiplicities of the partials dx, dy, and dz.
void Intrepid::getDkMultiplicities (Teuchos::Array< int > &partialMult, const int derivativeEnum, const EOperator operatorType, const int spaceDim)
 Returns multiplicities of dx, dy, and dz based on the enumeration of the partial derivative, its order and the space dimension. Inverse of the getDkEnumeration() method.
int Intrepid::getDkCardinality (const EOperator operatorType, const int spaceDim)
 Returns cardinality of Dk, i.e., the number of all derivatives of order k.
void Intrepid::setOrdinalTagData (std::vector< std::vector< std::vector< int > > > &tagToOrdinal, std::vector< std::vector< int > > &ordinalToTag, const int *tags, const int basisCard, const int tagSize, const int posScDim, const int posScOrd, const int posDfOrd)
 Fills ordinalToTag_ and tagToOrdinal_ by basis-specific tag data.

Detailed Description

Implementation file for Intrepid_Utils.hpp.

Created by P. Bochev and D. Ridzal.

Definition in file Intrepid_Utils.cpp.