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TSQR::GlobalSummer< Scalar, isComplex > Class Template Reference

#include <Tsqr_GlobalVerify.hpp>

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template<class Scalar, bool isComplex = Teuchos::ScalarTraits< Scalar >::isComplex>
class TSQR::GlobalSummer< Scalar, isComplex >

Compute a global sum of (magnitudes of) Scalar values, returning a magnitude_type.

Unfortunately, you need c++0x support to have default template arguments of template functions. Otherwise we would make this a template function and set the default value of isComplex to ScalarTraits<Scalar>::isComplex. Also, C++ (before c++0x) doesn't like partial specialization of template functions, for no particular reason other than C++ is a challenging language to parse. So, we had to make this a class.

Definition at line 71 of file Tsqr_GlobalVerify.hpp.

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