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TSQR::Trilinos::SequentialTsqrFactory< LO, S > Class Template Reference

#include <TsqrFactory_SequentialTsqr.hpp>

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Teuchos::RCP< tsqr_typemakeTsqr (const Teuchos::RCP< Teuchos::ParameterList > &plist, Teuchos::RCP< node_tsqr_type > &nodeTsqr, Teuchos::RCP< dist_tsqr_type > &distTsqr)
 Instantiate and return the TSQR implementation.

Detailed Description

template<class LO, class S>
class TSQR::Trilinos::SequentialTsqrFactory< LO, S >

Subclass of TsqrFactory that knows how to instantiate SequentialTsqr as the intranode TSQR implementation.

Template Parameters:
LO"LocalOrdinal": the type of indices into the node-local part of the matrix.
S"Scalar": the type of entries in the node-local part of the matrix.

All of this class' public methods, other than the constructor and destructor, are implemented in the parent class.

Definition at line 71 of file TsqrFactory_SequentialTsqr.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

Teuchos::RCP<tsqr_type> TSQR::Trilinos::TsqrFactory< LO, S, SequentialTsqr< LO, S > , DistTsqr< LO, S > >::makeTsqr ( const Teuchos::RCP< Teuchos::ParameterList > &  plist,
Teuchos::RCP< node_tsqr_type > &  nodeTsqr,
Teuchos::RCP< dist_tsqr_type > &  distTsqr 
) [inline, inherited]

Instantiate and return the TSQR implementation.

plist[in/out] Parameter list (keys depend on the subclass; keys are accessed in the subclass' makeNodeTsqr() method). On output: On output: Missing parameters are filled in with default values.
nodeTsqr[out] On output, points to the node_tsqr_type object that TSQR will use for the intranode part of its computations.
distTsqr[out] On output, points to the dist_tsqr_type object that TSQR will use for the internode part of its computations.
The node_tsqr_type instance that implements TSQR.

Definition at line 127 of file TsqrFactory.hpp.

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