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Kokkos CUDA Support
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class  Kokkos::ThrustGPUNode
 Kokkos node interface to the Thrust library for NVIDIA CUDA-capable GPUs. More...

Detailed Description

Kokkos provides support for NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) via the NVIDIA CUDA platform and the Thrust CUDA library. Therefore, to utilize a GPU in Kokkos, you will need the following:

CUDA and Thrust are registered third-party libraries (TPLs) which need to be activated in the Trilinos build. The relevant CMake build options are:

At this point, the Trilinos build system should look for the NVIDIA CUDA compiler and libraries in the default paths, depending on your system. The disabling of development m

After this, the main thing that needs to be done is to specify the use of the ThrustGPUNode type in your Kokkos (and Tpetra, etc.) objects.

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