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TSQR::Test::CombineBenchmarkParameters Class Reference

Parameters for the TSQR::Combine benchmarks. More...

#include <Tsqr_CombineBenchmark.hpp>

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Parameters for the TSQR::Combine benchmarks.

Mark Hoemmen

numRows: Number of rows in the cache block A.

numCols: Number of columns in the cache block A, and number of rows and columns in the upper triangular matrices R, R1, and R2.

testReal: Whether to test real-arithmetic routines.

testComplex: Whether to test complex-arithmetic routines.

numTrials: If calibrate is false: the number of trials to run each of the benchmarks. Ignored if calibrate is true.

calibrate: Whether to calibrate the number of trials according to the computed timer resolution.

averageTimings: Whether to print average (true) or cumulative (false) timings over all trials.

strictPerfTests: Whether to require the ratio of CombineNative run time to CombineDefault run time to be less than allowance. "Require" means that we throw an exception (and the test fails) otherwise. CombineFortran is tested similarly, if applicable.

allowance: Allowed slowdown factor for strictPerfTests (if applicable).

seed: If useSeedValues is false, ignored; else, the four-integer seed for the random number generator. See the documentation of LAPACK's _LARNV routines for requirements.

useSeedValues: Whether seed (see above) is read.

additionalFieldNames: Field names for any additional data to print after each row. May be an empty string, in which case the number of additional fields is zero and no additional data is printed after each row.

additionalData: Any additional data to print after each row. Same number of additional data per row as fields in additionalFieldNames.

printFieldNames: Whether to print a "%" - commented row of comma-delimited field names before the first row of data.

debug: Whether to print copious debugging output to stderr.

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