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NLPInterfacePack_ExampleNLPFirstOrderRun.hpp File Reference
#include <iosfwd>
#include "NLPInterfacePack_Types.hpp"
#include "MoochoPack_MoochoSolver.hpp"
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namespace  NLPInterfacePack


MoochoPack::MoochoSolver::ESolutionStatus NLPInterfacePack::ExampleNLPFirstOrderRun (const VectorSpace &vec_space, value_type xo, bool has_bounds, bool dep_bounded, std::ostream *console_out, std::ostream *error_out, bool throw_solve_exception=false, std::ostream *algo_out=NULL, std::ostream *summary_out=NULL, std::ostream *journal_out=NULL)
 Function accepts a VectorSpace object and then uses it to define an example NLP and run MoochoPack::MoochoSolver on it.
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